Job Search Support


Making sense of how and where to focus your job seeking activities can be something of a challenge for jobseekers, especially in the cut and thrust of todayís competitive market. And for a huge variety of reasons itís not difficult to lose focus and structure. It can also be a rare opportunity for reflection and for many people this involves more thoroughly re-appraising what they want to do next.


To support candidates through these challenges and to make a significant difference to their success rates we offer two types of service:


  1. A very pragmatic, action oriented solution to inject focus and energy into your job search covering the following:

    • One to One consultative review of your career objectives.
    • Psychometric Report and full review of its contents.
    • CV advice and redesign
    • Robust review of your interview and presentation styles
    • Implementation of your Job Search activity plan
    • Ongoing telephone support

  2. A two phase service starting with a thorough review that helps you learn more about yourself and what really motivates and interests you. From there we help you identify the career options that will be most fulfilling and rewarding on both personal and financial levels. The second phase of this service then follows the pragmatic, action oriented solution programme outlined above to help you make your new career a reality!


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